rGo SGF viewer

Soon to be moved to http://rakshasa.no where also my BitTorrent library resides.

This SGF Viewer currently works on Series 40 and Series 60 Nokia phones. Capacity is around 43kb zipped sgf collections on devices with 64kb limits. Note that this is an utility for go players, not a game. Don't expect any flashy graphics, as those are both distracting and take valuable space.

You can download rgo including some problem collections i've found on the net. If you have any comments or bug reports please contact me at jaris@student.matnat.uio.no

rGo's source is now available under the GPL, have fun.

I don't claim any ownership of the collections, they are included for convinience purposes only. I will write some utilities to make it easier to add your own sgf files. (And i won't have to "borrow" collections)
    For other phones: Look at ./set*.sh rakshasa/midpgo/BoardDisplay_*.java for stuff that needs changing. (If you get it working, a patch would be appriciated) The building enviroment is for *nix systems, so you'll propably have to configure your own with the downloaded SDK if you use Windows. BTW, BoardDisplay_*.java is concatenated with BoardDisplay_common.java to make the file BoardDisplay.java.