World Area Sections ----------------------------- We need some standard format for the layout of docs and the like. The old site is like this: dural_mainpage - Gazetteer To be renamed World Areas or something similar? I know I had to look up that word in the dictionary, and then realized it was where all the detailed world description was. Somebody else also suggested a rename. - World Maps - Ardmor - Cambria - Council of Sarnak - Moraf - (etc) - Planetary System - Flora and Fauna - Character effects Hmm.. This included vampirism, lycantropism etc. Seems a bit odd to place it here, but I guess there's no more suitable place. - Intelligent Races - Equipment - Pantheon This sounds like it is somewhat area specific.. Perhaps we should just have a list of religions, and then from area descriptions we can link to the religions practiced in the area, with notes about possible local differences. So we'd have - Religion(s) - Name - Symbol / logo - Abstract - Introduction - Beliefs - Gods - Rituals Something else? I guess we could have descriptions of the Dural gods too.. Are the same gods included in different religions under different names and attributes? Are gods active actors in Dural, or just something passive? - Famous Characters - Supernatural - articles There is little standardisation under each country, but the basic format is: - Country - Notable places (major cities) Also other places than cities.. See below. We'll also have a section for prototype places: - Typical Places - History - Environment - Government - Motivation - Races - Language We now have a language filter program in CVS (forge/tools/languageFilter), so we can produce data files for different languages, and render sentences of the language as heard by someone with limited or no knowledge of the language. The same language could be spoken in many areas, so I suggest moving the Languages up one level out of areas. - Language - Name - Icon (optional) - Abstract - Description - Word list -- a (structured (for example CSV)) list of words, along with a list of their closest English words (to make machine filtering easier), and a free form description of the word. - Phrase list -- Same as the word list - Reference to directory / package with datafiles for the language in cvs. Perhaps these could be directly in the language directory? - Sample (Hello World and some longer piece of text as rendered into the language (perhaps automatically run the language filter tool on the description or some sample page in cvs) - Technology - Magic - Trade - Law and order - Religion This would have links to zero or more of the religions, along with modifications to it.. - Perception Is this as the area is seen by others? - Calendar - Culture Is there anything else? Would this be a good standard? Should it be change slightly or replaced? Bryce suggested: - Typical Village - Typical Town - Typical City We could also have some optional descriptions of typical large farms, small farms, small cottages, well off city houses, middle class city houses, and poor city houses. Perhaps similar typical descriptions of other places too (shop, stronghold, temple, etc). It seems like the writers should be able to create new prototypes for different places freely, and link actual places to a prototype place and just record the modifications.. So we'll also need - Place -- A relatively small area that is remarkable in some way. For example, a small rural temple, a cave system entrance, etc.. - Name - Optional icon (inherits icon of prototype if no icon specified and a prototype is specified) - Abstract - Prototype place it derives from - Possible picture(s) of the place - Location in world coordinates (how could we sync this with the SVG maps? Generate an icon to the SVG map that links to this description?) (leave empty / zero for prototypes) A place could be located inside another place or city too? How to handle that? Should we have a separate template for houses / shops in cities, and use Place just for outside world special places? - Description - Map (optional) - Pictures (could also be included in other pages when they are specific.) - Secret truths (optional referee information) Prototype places use the same template (can a prototype can derive from another prototype? I guess why not :) We could have town, and then typical coastal town, rural town, etc. if we want) Cities/towns/villages are large and complex enough to justify an own template with some sub pages: - City - Name - Heraldic weapon or other logo of the city (about 128*128 pixels). - Optional icon to be used on map (about 128*128 pixels). - Abstract - Location in world coordinates (leave empty / zero for prototypes) - Prototype city this city derives from (optional) - Introduction - Map - Pictures (could also be included in other pages when they are specific.) - History - Environment -- Including close by natural resources, hazards, typical local weather, etc. - Government - Law and order (should this go under government?) - Trade -- Includes important exports and imports, along with a description of trade in the city in general. - Technology - Magic - Culture - People -- The races, languages, cultures, etc. of the people who live here. - Notable persons - Secret truths -- Should each page have a possible secret page instead of just one for the whole city? As with places, this same template is used for both any prototype cities/towns/villages, and actual cities. That's all for now, I know there was some other ideas presented on the mailing list, but I haven't looked them up yet. -- Hans Häggström (aka zzorn) "Share and Enjoy" - Cirius Cybernetics corp. - THHGTTG _______________________________________________ World mailing list